Sign the petition against the High Mosel Bridge

Although the online petition closed on the 13th May, you can continue to collect signatures on paper or send postcards to register your protest. Every signature will be added to the final total of Bundestag Petition No. 10681.

You can choose from the following effective ways to help:

1.Start your own petition and address it to your local German Embassy or Consulate
An example text from an additional petition
Petition to the German Consulate in San Francisco (4th May 2010, 116 signatories)
2. Send your own postcard / letter, or print our campaign postcard (Click on the picture below)
You must provide your signature, full name and address, and say that you oppose the Hochmoselübergang. (If worried about data protection, put postcards in an envelope)
3. Use our paper petition to collect signatures
Download the petition (English)

Send postcards and original copies of petitions
to this address:

Deutscher Bundestag
Platz der Republik 1
11011 Berlin

download campaign postcard
4. Send an email to:
(Include your full name and address - including postcode)

If you start your own petition, we'd love to know about it. We anticipate that you'll be able to carry on signing until sometime in the autumn. (We soon hope to add an online solution to registering your vote.)
Thanks for your support!

Contact: Georg Laska