What you can do to support us

Petition of the German Government Sign the officially registered petition of the German Government against the High Mosel Bridge.

Contact Angela Merkel Here you can drop a note to Angela Merkel,
Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Write letters
to politicians
Here you can find the addresses of german politicans.

Contact newspapers Write letters to the editor of national papers.

German Embassy Complain to your country's German Ambassador.
(Journalists may contact the German Embassy's Press Department to seek clarification of the government's position.)

Contact your MEP You could ask your MEP how to raise the issue at a European level.
There is no funding from the European Union for the road, yet Germany claims that it is part of an extensive European west-east axis which connects Dutch and Belgian territories with the Rhine-Main area and South West Germany. The current traffic figures prove that this route has already been superseded by faster roads which save up to an hour or more on all of these journeys. Could this be the reason that there is no EU funding for an 'extensive European axis'? It seems that outdated logic is driving this project which has been sitting on the shelf for 40 years.

Spread information Tell all your friends and acquaintances about this project. Make it the most famous bridge WITHOUT being built.

facebook Join the facebook group against the High Mosel Bridge.

myspace Everyone who is member of myspace can show support by inviting their friends to join the campaign page at myspace.com/hochmoselbruecke

download the Dino Feel free to download and print out this wonderful dinosaur picture and give it to everyone who might be interested in our campaign.
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