International Press about the High Mosel Bridge

13 January 2015
Mosel Bridge fails to meet EU standards, says expert
"I have just reviewed the safety concept applied to the bridge and discovered that it does not comply with the Euro Code 7," professor Azzam told
2 December 2014
Mosel bridge protesters file criminal complaint
Campaigners opposed to the Mosel bridge project in Germany have filed a criminal complaint against the state-backed building plan, following more reports that experts believe it is unsafe.
Jim's Loire
5 July 2014
The Mosel Bridge: state terrorism!
7 January 2014
Mosel bridge 'bombshell heartens protesters:
Campaigners fighting the controversial Mosel bridge project in one of Germany's premier wine regions have seized on a leaked expert study that warns the project could be structurally unsafe.
January 4, 2014
Another Nail in the Coffin of the Absurd and Disastrous Mosel Bridge?
December 26, 2013
Finally, Hope for the Mosel and the End for the Mosel Bridge?
3 Dec 2013
Mosel bridge update, and a soundscape
Samedi 05 mai 2012
Allemagne : les vignerons (momentanément) soulagés par larrêt des travaux du pont de Moselle
Wijn Wijs
zaterdag 05 mei 2012
Bouw Moezelbrug gestaakt

May 3 2012
Controversial Mosel Bridge Appears On Hold
Work ceases on bridge and highway that could jeopardize vineyards; government won't explain why

April 30 2012
Work stops on controversial Mosel bridge
April 30 2012
Mosel bridge work halted
Press Release
April 27 2012
Hochmoselübergang fiasco - construction company stops its activities until further notice
April 26 2012
Mosel bridge developments (not)
... 'It's turning into quite an amazing story. And it ties in brilliantly with the presentation from Feuerbach at the Kloster Machern event here on Wednesday - the expert geologist who will speak publicly for the first time about the problems of the bridge site and the lack of correct planning. (He previously stated it was the worst-planned construction he had ever come across.)' ...
The Riesling

September 1 2011
The Monster of the Mosel
... a tale of sadness and woe, of lobbying and special interests, of political turncoats and misplaced trust. It is the story of how the monstrosity that is the Hochmoselübergang was given the green light. ...
I have no idea what Pro-Mosel and their allies may have up their sleeves, but whatever it may be, they can be sure to have the support of the Revolution!
The Telegraph
August 5 2011
Rieslings from the Mosel valley
... Quite a lot of Mosel winegrowers and residents (not just English wine writers) are strongly opposed to the Hochmoselübergang, which sadly seems destined to go ahead. Present and correct were Manfred Prüm and his daughter Bettina, Ernie Loosen and Rudi Trossen, all of whom have campaigned against it vigorously - but you can't help feeling that Germans in general do not value their 1,700-year-old wine heritage. ...
By Harry Eyres

June 13 2011
Mosel Bridge Divides
Winemakers are fighting construction that could damage some of the world's most famous Riesling vineyards
by Ben O'Donnell

June 8 2011
The Mosel: A green day in a very pleasant land
The no-frills route to Frankfurt is also a gateway to the Mosel river, says Andrew Eames. But this 'dreamier version of the Rhine' is under threat, so enjoy this treasure while you still can
by Andrew Eames
June 6 2011
Fate che quel ponte sia famoso perché non è stato fatto
The Telegraph
June 4 2011
Wine growers warn of death of Mosel Valley
Wine growers in Germany have warned of the death of the Mosel Valley after the local government approved plans to span the historic valley with a mammoth four-lane bridge.
By Matthew Day
May 4 2011
Politicians agree to build High Mosel Bridge
... Opponents fear a negative ecological impact on the wine region. A group has come together as Pro-Mosel said that the project would damage the landscape and have a severe impact on the vineyards and villages. ...
May 3 2011
Opponents distraught as Greens approve Mosel bridge project
by Adam Lechmere
May 3 2011
Fight Against Mosel Bridge Lost
... Not only is the bridge and motorway sure to detract from the beauty of the region, it could also damage wine production. The Mosel is known for producing some of the best Riesling wines in the world. Many wine professionals, including renowned critics, spoke out against the bridge for fear that it will cause irreparable damage to the environment and risk the precious grapes. ...
by Sarah Chappell
The Local
Mai 3, 2011
Mosel Valley bridge to be built in wine country
Opponents of a giant bridge to be built through Germany's historic wine country, prized for its world-class Rieslings, mourned on Tuesday their defeat in a years-long battle to stop the project.
May 3 2011
Outrage over motorway for German wine country
... Pro-Mosel, a group of vintners, businesspeople and residents of southwestern Germany's scenic Mosel Valley, said they were shocked by the outcome of state coalition talks late Monday that gave the green light to the bridge. ...
May 3 2011
Mosel bridge latest - Greens wilt
... Ultimately, the reason the Green negotiators did not listen to the intense pressure from the rest of Germany and the world was because they think it is better to rule than to stand on principle. In a federal system, each state can afford to ignore the outside world. ...
by Sarah Washington
May 1 2011
Greens may block 'ruin' of Mosel wine
A POWER shift in a German state may sound the death knell for a controversial project to build a bridge in the mosel valley that British wine critics have warned will damage some of the world's most celebrated vineyards. ...
Matthew Campbell
April 25 2011
Moment of truth for Germany's lush wine country
... "My customers tell me if you don't fight to protect this pristine environment, it must be worth nothing to you and your product must not be worth anything either," the 57-year-old says, surveying a long, deep gash in the soil above his fields that is to become a four-lane autobahn. ...
April 21 2011
Heavenly Mosel threatened
... He says disrupting the natural irrigation system, just one of the valley's blessings, with this "concrete monster" could have dire consequences for fields that have been producing wine since Roman times. ...
April 21 2011
Moment of truth for Germany's lush wine country
Germany's Rieslings have won ardent fans around the world in the last decade and exports have soared. Hugh Johnson, the British expert behind the annual Pocket Wine Books, has thrown his weight behind the protests.
"It is shocking to watch how German politicians are selling out and destroying one of their finest cultural assets," he wrote in a guest column for a German newspaper.
April 6 2011
Mosel Bridge Opposed by Riesling Makers Is Put on Hold as Greens, SPD Talk
Construction on a bridge over the Mosel Valley will be put on hold after the Green Party made gains in a regional vote, raising hopes among winemakers and campaigners that the project will be scrapped completely.
By Catherine Hickley
March 29 2011
Victory of German Greens offers hope to Mosel bridge opponents
By Adam Lechmere
March 28 2011
Encouraging Mosel bridge news
By Jancis Robinson
March 24 2011
Winemakers Flex Muscles Before Upcoming State Election
By Ralf Beste
March 7 2011
Winemakers Unite to Oppose the Building of an Ugly and Unnecessary Bridge over the Moselle River in Germany's Famed Mosel Wine Region. But is it TOO LATE?
... the Middle Mosel attracts more tourists than any region in Germany except the island of Rügen, while Mosel wines enjoy world-wide favor in a competitive market. But now both industries are seriously threatened by one of the most detested building projects ever to be carried out on German soil. ...
By Andis Kaulins
Chicago Tribune
January 25 2011
In Germany and Austria, changes are afoot
... In Germany's peaceful Mosel Valley, plans are under way to construct a milelong, 500-foot-high expressway bridge (called Hochmoselbrucke) near the town of Urzig, just upstream from Cochem and Beilstein. The $367 million project likely will mar the pristine scenery, and local winemakers - and wine-lovers worldwide - worry that the construction and heavy use of the bridge will damage the delicate ecosystem that produces some of Germany's most beloved grapes. ...
by Rick Steves
December 7 2010
Mosel Bridge financially unviable, opponents claim
A new financial evaluation of the controversial Mosel Bridge proves the project is not worth completing, say opponents of the bridge.
By Maggie Rosen
June 28 2010
Rescuing the Riesling
They call it "a bridge too far".
By Oana Lungescu
The Vancouver Sun
Jun 28 2010
Mosel motorway threatens prized riesling vineyards
Plans to build a motorway through the picturesque Mosel valley are threatening some of the most important riesling vineyards in the world, says a coalition of celebrated wine critics.
By Allan Hall
Jun 28 2010
Germany to build motorway through Riesling vineyards
Germany plans for a four-lane highway through the Mosel wine-growing region, threatening the future of some of the most important Riesling vineyards in the world.
Allan Hall
June 11, 2010
Ongoing campaign to stop the Mosel bridge
... In today's geopolitical climate neither the bridge nor any onward infrastructure are thought to be necessary. ...
by Sally Easton MW
June 2 2010
How a bridge divided the Mosel valley
... Mr Schenk and the opponents of the bridge say that the flyover will save lorry drivers a mere five minutes of driving time, and that vehicle-polluted rainwater draining off its access roads could pose a serious threat to the soil in surrounding vineyards. "It is ecologically devastating, economically nonsensical and to top it all it is ugly," argues Ulrike Hoefgen, a Green Party MP from the region. ...
by Tony Paterson
June 2 2010
Hugh Johnson: A priceless region in wine terms - but of little value to the government
... There are two other much bigger areas in the same state - Rheinland-Pfalz - with many more voters. But it's going to ruin the environment in a tranquil spot. In this beautiful valley, you will hear traffic for evermore. The state's minister of transport (and agriculture too, curiously enough) wrote to me, asking me to shut up. I wrote back saying telling him exactly what I think about his project. He hasn't answered.
Hugh Johsnson
26. Mai 2010
Wijnopstand tegen MOEZELBRUG
The Local
Germany's News in English

May 13, 2010
Bridging discord in the Mosel Valley
The Mosel Valley is known for its scenic views and Riesling vineyards, but plans to build a massive new bridge have brought discord to this idyllic part of Germany.
David Wroe
The New York Times
May 11, 2010
Before a Bridge Slices Through Vineyards, It Divides German Winemakers
ÜRZIG, Germany... Opposition has snowballed in recent months, with British wine writers like Hugh Johnson and Stuart Pigott attacking the idea. ...
John Tagliabue
May 8, 2010
'Monster' Cold-War Bridge Sparks Protests by Mosel Winemakers
"This is the piece of the Mosel which is the most intact, which produces the most famous Rieslings," Loosen said at his slate-roofed villa near the town of Bernkastel-Kues. "The vineyards have a reputation worldwide. This huge bridge spans the whole landscape. Our only chance is to fight, to make as much noise as possible."
Catherine Hickley
May 8, 2010
Una firma per bloccare il ponte che distruggerà i vigneti della Mosella
Angelo Peretti

April 17, 2010
Germany's Riesling vineyards threatened by controversial bridge
Matt Zuvela
April 9, 2010
New German motorway threatens prime riesling region
British wine critics have united in opposition to the construction of a four-lane motorway through the heart of Germany's riesling-growing region.
April 9, 2010
Brit wine buffs join campaign to halt Mosel autobahn
"This really is a very special place," explained Jancis Robinson yesterday. "We Brits have had to shake them up a bit and say to them 'don't be so supine'. The French are very effective at standing up to these proposals. I cannot think of another project this enormous being allowed anywhere near such unique vineyards anywhere else in the world," she added.
By Jonathan Brown
April 8, 2010
British wine critics turn their noses up at new autobahn
Motorway in Mosel valley seen as threat to the world's best riesling vineyards
Kate Connolly
April 8, 2010
Schandalige plannen in de Duitse Moezelstreek
De Britse medestrijders brengen de strijd om het kroonjuweel nu naar de Duitse hoofdstad. Tijdens een proeverij midden april in Wilmersdorf willen Johnson, Pigott en hun collega Jancis Robinson met riesling van de Moezel tegen de aanleg van de snelweg protesteren. De groene politici en wijnkenners Joschka Fischer en Renate KÃÅnast hebben zich al solidair verklaard en hun komst toegezegd. Wijnjournalisten gelden in het algemeen als teruggetrokken levende, gecultiveerde mensen, maar als het om Graacher Himmelreich of Wehlener Sonnenuhr gaat, schijnen ze alle belemmeringen kwijt te raken. 'Ik roep iedereen op tot een grote opstand' aldus Stuart Pigott in een internetinterview. 'Ik roep op om alle middelen te gebruiken, behalve geweld. Waarom zullen we niet een pop van minister-president Beck in het openbaar verbranden?'
Paul Op ten Berg
April 7, 2010
British Wine Critics Fight to Save Beloved Rieslings
British wine critics are normally a restrained bunch, but the planned construction of a road bridge over Germany's Moselle River, which could threaten some of the world's best Riesling vineyards, has them up in arms. One prominent wine-lover is even calling for a "massive uprising" against the project.
Ralf Beste
The New York

March 26, 2010
In Germany, a Highway Threatens the Mosel Wine Region
... The Mosel vineyards are among the most unusual and singular in the world. Nowhere else has riesling been made in the delicate, fragile style achieved in the Mosel. Could it be that German politicians simply don't understand the broader cultural value of what they are threatening?
Eric Asimov
March 7, 2010
Road Plan Threatens World's Best Riesling Vineyards
"Here is the very best [Riesling] vineyard, and they're going to drive a motorway through it?" wine critic Hugh Johnson, one of the founders of the save-Mosel group International Riesling Rescue, told the BBC. "It's like knocking down a cultural monument!"
by Jennifer Hattam, Istanbul, Turkey
February 2010
This mad, destructive, unnecessary road is on course to pollute the most historic stretch of one of Europe's loveliest rivers, forever....
... it is happening in Germany's Middle Mosel, in the finest Riesling vineyards on the planet - the slatey slopes of Wehlen, Graach, Urzig and Zeltingen.
Hugh Johnson
Nov. 23, 2009

Not only will this "kinda" ruin the natural beauty of the area but also damage natural resources and destroy cultural wealth built up over thousands of years - the world renown and loved Mosel Riesling!
Nov. 23, 2009
Motorvej gennem berømt vindistrikt
I Mittelmosel i det tyske Mosel-distrikt fremstilles nogle af verdens bedste hvidvine på Riesling-druen. Som vi fortalte i uge 39 vil den tyske regering nu opføre en firesporet motorvej og motorvejsbro gennem dette vin-mekka - til stor forargelse for vinproducenter og vinelskere verden over.
Mariette Tiedemann
Nov. 22, 2009
On the bottle: German wine
Bob Tryer on new-wave German winemakers and this week's liquid hunches
In the meantime, letâ's place a curse on the German transport authorities, who plan to violate the serenity of the Moselle with a 525ft-high motorway bridge. (See This is not just unspeakable vandalism, it's also horribly scary: imagine being stuck that high up if your car breaks down.
Bob Tryer

Nov. 21, 2009
The Threat to the Mosel
Speak with any winemaker and talk is not of the quality of the 09s but of the construction of the B50, a four-lane road bridge and highway, that if completed as planned will threaten the vineyards of some of the world's greatest wine estates. Situated along the Mosel river between the German towns of Bernkastel-Kues and Traben-Trarbach, the bridge project threatens the ecosystems of world renowned vineyard sites such as Zeltingen, Wehlen, Graach and Bernkastel. Winemakers believe the situation has reached a crisis point as politicians are determined to go ahead with the project.
Will Lyons
Nov. 17, 2009
Riesling, sausage and bulldozers in the Mosel Valley
2009 is the year to try to get to the Mosel if you can as the German government is forging ahead with a plan to build a whacking great motorway and bridge right through the middle of some of the region's most famous vineyards and villages. Good thinking guys - it's the vinous equivalent of plonking a McDonalds halfway up the side of one of the Pyramids. ...
Dan Coward
Nov. 17, 2009
Save the Mosel, from the Mosel Monster Bridge
I received this email after meeting the main organizer against this terrible problem. I signed the petition, and I hope you would too.
Nov. 15, 2009
Un projet de pont hallucinant sur le vignoble de Mosel
Un pont dont la construction risque de détruire à jamais un panorama exceptionnel et des vignobles tout aussi exceptionnels. ...
Laurent Probst
AIS Lombardia
Oct. 01, 2009
I vigneti della Mosella minacciati dal progetto B50 neu: scriviamo per chiederne l'abrogazione
La Mosella Centrale rischia di essere stravolta da un mega progetto: l'autostrada a 4 corsie "B50 neu" che dovràÃÂ&xnbsp; emergere da una galleria proprio di fianco al famoso vigneto Ürziger Würzgarten...
Fernando Araújo-Coelho
Revista de Vinhos
Sept. 30, 2009
Assunto da Mensagem: Mosela em risco com o projecto "B50 neu"
Aprecio muito os Riesling alemães e, háá dois anos, dediquei vários dias áÃÂ&xnbsp;Mosela. ...
Fernando A Coelho
The Sunday Times A bridge too far: UK wine lovers battle Germans
... an example of "state vandalism" that would damage "the most legendary vineyards in Germany" by disrupting water distribution to the slopes where grapes grow. ...
Financial Times
Sept. 26, 2009
A gash in the fabric of ages
At the heart of the story of the Hochmoselübergang is a tragic self-undervaluing on the part of the Mosel winegrowers and, more broadly, the German nation.
By Harry Eyres
Sept. 25, 2009
German voters face poll conundrum
"I would be frightened about what would happen if there was no viticulture and tourism. There would be no jobs, the valley would die"
By Simon Tisdall
Sept. 16, 2009
International wine authors and top Mosel winemakers agree:
Mosel bridge a disgrace to wine and culture
Sept. 16, 2009
Stop the Bridge Update
By Dr Ernst Loosen
Sept. 15, 2009
A Bridge Runs through It
"As a lover of German wine, I beg you to intervene on behalf of the winegrowers of the Mosel and put a stop to the construction in Rheinland-Pfalz of the Mosel High Bridge. This bridge will compromise some of the finest vineyard land in Europe. By allowing this construction to continue, you do a disservice to your nation and to the generations that will follow us."
Sept. 14, 2009
A tragedy unfolds in Germany's Mosel region
Sept. 14, 2009
Johnson decries 'desecration' of Mosel
By Rebecca Gibb
Meininger's Wine Business International
Sept. 14, 2009
Mosel bridge opponents launch 'Last Chance' protest
Hugh Johnson told the protestors, "This is a highway on stilts. The politicians collect your taxes and they are spending it on roads so that Belgians can drive through this amazing valley at 100 miles an hour."
by Rebecca Gibb in the Mosel
Rebecca Gibb
Sept. 13, 2009
A great Folly and Desecration
The politicians have completely overlooked the reputation of the Mosel for a piece of tarmac.
By Rebecca Gibb
Hugh Johnson
Sept. 11, 2009
... Speech by Hugh Johnson in Ürziger Würzgarten
The Mosel High Bridge is more than a folly. It is a crime. The example of Dresden is too obvious to miss. UNESCO has cancelled its World Heritage status because its government built a bridge too far. Look at the land before you. Now picture it with the crushing banality of a road on concrete stilts. ...
Sept. 10, 2009
I'm Tasting Tar, Traffic Cones, Motor Oil ...
A planned bridge could ruin Germany's cherished Mosel wine region.
By Mike Steinberger
Danish Newspaper "Borsen"
Aug. 21, 2009
Tysklands dummeste motorvej?
Interview with Rudolf Trossen in the Danish Newspaper "Borsen".
Top Riesling winemakers
speak out against
vineyards threat

May 25, 2009
Some of the foremost Riesling winemakers are appealing for help in a last-ditch attempt to alert German politicians to what they believe to be extreme foolishness: the destruction of a treasure of world cultural heritage. The following statements from Ernst Loosen, Markus Molitor, Katharina & Manfred Prüm, Johannes Schmitz, Willi Schaefer and Rudolf Trossen form a damning indictment of the B50 road project and those who persist in bulldozing it into existence. These respected wine producers are calling for a permanent cancellation of the High Mosel Bridge and vineyard-topping highway. This is what they have to say:

Open Letter to Angela Merkel
Apr. 24, 2009
Open Letter to Angela Merkel, Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany A shame to negate 2,000 years of history and culture
"I have reviewed, on average, more than 250 wines each year from the Mosel Valley, for the past 11 years. The style of Riesling coming from these sites is unique in the wine world and can't be replicated anywhere else. It would be a shame to negate 2,000 years of history and culture for short-term political gain...."
Bruce Sanderson, Wine Spectator
May 13, 2009
Riesling wineries under threat
Some of Germany's most famous Riesling wineries are under threat from government plans to construct a major traffic bridge in the Mosel Valley region, visitors to the London International Wine Fair are being told. ...
May 13, 2009
... Both Ernst Loosen, whose tireless efforts on behalf of Mosel wine are appreciated the world over, and his nearby colleagues deserve better from vulgar politicians who would risk turning their region and its crown-jewel vineyards in Zeltingen, Wehlen, Graach and Bernkastel into slag heaps.
Howard G. Goldberg, New York City

... This motorway and bridge would be an act of barbarous desecration and historical, cultural and environmental vandalism - quite apart from the possible (and, of course, interminably debatable) adverse effects on the drainage and micro-geology of some of the oldest and finest vineyards in the world. ...
Robert Devillier, Suffolk, UK

It is very hard to believe that some Germans are going to ruin their best vineyards for the purpose of a motorway, which can be placed elsewhere. I am feeling a deep sadness and despair. ... This is one of the most magic vine spots on the entire planet and the sole reason I developed an interest in German vines and vine culture ... Saying yes to the bridge in this location is the same as proving for all eternity that Germany is no longer a nation of culture.
Alexander Dey, Norway

Let's try to prevent a Johnny-Come-Lately, tenth-rate, utterly superfluous, monster bridge from spoiling first-class, centuries-old vineyards and their idyllic setting, which are the only "bridges" (to the past and the future) this section of the Mosel needs.
Dr Gregory Sims, Berlin
Jancis Robinson
May 11, 2009
... The bridge itself is bad, but the new road (B50neu) connected to it on the right bank of the Mosel is worse, since it will have a considerable influence upon the flow of water in and over the hillsides which are the top sites of Zeltingen, Wehlen, Graach and Bernkastel. I'm not the only one to have written about this, but the politicians are ignoring all criticism, simply not replying...